Recap: Fashion at the Academy Awards

Recap: Fashion at the Academy Awards
You might have caught the Academy Awards last Sunday, one of the biggest fashion events of the year, and watched it all the way through… or you might have done what I did, and just switched on the TV for some fashion! And then turned off the TV and went online to dissect said fashion for the rest of the night.

Recap: Fashion at the Academy Awards
It seems that there were a few distinct color categories that most of the women wore for the night. Solids ruled, except for in the case of Natalie Portman who wore vintage Dior and looked stunning in it. There were some who loved her dress, and others who thought she looked like she was going to prom in 1994. I for one thought she looked great, c’mon, it’s vintage. It’s Dior. What’s not to love? Dazzling whites and bold blacks made quite a statement on the red carpet as well. I loved Giuliana Rancic’s white gown (far right), it was one of my favorites of the night.

Recap: Fashion at the Academy Awards
As for the black gowns, I wasn’t really feeling the liquidy looking, sequin black dresses but absolutely adored Tina Fey’s Peplum Carolina Herrera number! Blush and gold were also worn by a number of stars. Although most gowns were one color without prints, the embroidery, beading and detailing really made them shine.

Recap: Fashion at the Academy Awards
The one-shoulder effect was in full force that night and I thought Milla Jovovich really sparked in her white dress. The loose, low drape effect was also done so prettily on Kate Mara and Stacy Keibler. Although many of the dresses were pretty, some gorgeous, and others strange, overall there really wasn’t anything very over the top. I suppose it is the Oscars after all, not the Grammys! Oh, and one last thing- Angelina Jolie’s leg. Am I the only one who thought she had the strangest pose with her leg sticking out like that? And did you know her leg even has it’s own twitter? Oh yes, it’s true.
Regardless, give me your top two favorites from the Awards! Mine were Guiliana Rancic and Tina Fey. Wait, no, Guiliana and Michelle Williams. Final answer.


Haute Muslimah loves high fashion, trends, couture, and runway shows. Showing women how they can dress fashionably, but still be modest, is something she is particularly passionate about.
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  1. peplum top says:

    Dear Hautemuslimah,
    Speaking of which, I have had a photograph of this gown and want to don it for my marriage ceremony dress. Really want Support locateing it!!!! Please allow.

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