Confession: I Am In LOVE With Dubai Abayas!

Salaam & Hello!

My name is Camilla Maysoon, and I am a new 3abaya Fashion Blogger. As a self-proclaimed Haute Hijabi, I am almost obsessed with all things beautiful & fashionable. And I love to find ways to bring modern style into my modest wardrobe.

Like many of you who are reading this blog, I am a fashionista at heart who looks for fashion inspiration everywhere. Magazines, makeover shows, style books, and even YouTube. But when it comes to abayas, I always look to Dubai for inspiration…

And I’m not the only American girl who feels that way.

Last year, an American movie about a certain group of girlfriends from New York traveled to Dubai and discovered how luxurious its fashion world really is. The girls met a group of Muslim women who were dressed in silky, black abayas with beautiful designer clothing underneath.

An American fashion magazine called Marie Claire also featured abayas in a couple of its issues. One of the articles included a fashion spread of women doing simple, everyday things in Dubai — like eating at McDonald’s. What made the photoshoot so glamorous was that all of the women were wearing the blackest abayas, shaylas, and expensive accessories… Trés chic!

I don’t know about you, but every time I see Dubai abayas in the media, I want one even more. But until now, it was almost impossible for a girl like me to get her hands on one of those beautifully designed and decorated dresses. Luckily, we now have which gives women all over the world access to these gorgeous gowns.

I’m so happy to be working with a company that makes luxury accessible to everyone. And I can’t wait to show you more about what 3abaya has to offer.

Stay tuned…

About Camilla Maysoon

Camilla Maysoon is a 20-something Haute Hijabi. She loves beautiful things and strives to strike a balance between fashion and faith.
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3 Responses to Confession: I Am In LOVE With Dubai Abayas!

  1. Umm Salama says:

    Woww MashaAllah! You make me want a Dubai Abaya even more now and I cannot wait to read more of your blog posts!! Im hooked to say the least <3 Shukran Camilla Maysoon!

  2. brpkmooeba says:

    Good post

  3. Camilla Maysoon says:

    Thank you Umm Salama! Keep an eye on the blog for more fabulous fashion!

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